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Do we have your attention yet?

A great source of ads that suck are local affiliates. Affiliate advertising is much cheaper (though still not cheap) than national advertising, and that tends to attract a lot of the businesses without large advertising budgets.

OMNI is a great example of these local stations. Besides selling advertising space, they also have bumpers between shows - a "brought to you in part by" kind of thing. One that always gets me as really sucking is for Pinstripe Mens' Wear.

"Do we have your attention yet?"

This is the only line of copy in the whole thing. My response is usually "No," and yes, I do make it a habit of responding to television commercials, even when I'm alone.

This is a tagline that they have invested tens of thousands of dollars in, and yet it really means nothing. Even after searching the web for them (no contact info) I can't tell if they're upscale, discount, or middle-of-the-road. All I know is their name and that they're in Toronto.

If they really wanted my attention, they'd tell me why I should care.

My point in this whole thing is that you don't NEED to be one of these big guys to make your advertising not suck. What you do need is a clear message, a unique selling point and to know your audience. Otherwise, all the advertising money in the world won't help you.


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