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Mike Myers must be so proud.

Now, I've got a degree in advertising and it's something I read about quite often, so it's rare that a trend in advertising REALLY makes me scratch my head.

I guess I must have been sick the day that we learned that all corporate mascots in television commercials have to have ridiculous Scottish accents in order to be effective.

Take, for instance, the Extra gum commercial in which the angry anthropomorphic piece of chewing gum comes to life and chases down a lady in a triathlon. Why it has a "So I Married an Axe Murderer" accent is beyond me.

Even worse is the Kellogg's Nutrigrain Minis commercial with the little Scottish fellow on the table, being crushed by a Mini. I understand the concept behind the spot... but WHY SCOTTISH? Furthermore, if you're going to go Scottish, learn the bloody accent! It's not that hard!

I guess it's cool to be Scottish now, like it was cool to be Australian in the 1980s. Crocodile Dundee, where have you gone?


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