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That's hot.

Sometimes, even ads that suck can yield amazing results. A few weeks back, I came across the infamous Paris Hilton Hardee's ad, which features her, half naked on a car for 28 seconds, followed by two seconds of her eating a burger.

Technically, as an ad, it sucks. Paris Hilton has nothing to do with hamburgers, the ad has nothing to do with hamburgers, and the spot spends too much time building up to the "surprise ending" and not enough focusing on the product itself.

However, as a campaign, it was brilliant. Prudish mothers screamed that it was soft-core porn. Horny teenage boys searched for it fervently. Because of the outcry over this ad, the spot generated so much web traffic that it crashed the fast food chain's servers.

During the week directly after the spot first aired, internet searches for Hardee's increased by 802% during the week of May 21.

As much as it pains me to say it... this ad does not suck. Don't get me wrong, I dislike Paris Hilton, as much as the next person, and if it weren't for the internet, this would have fallen flat on its face, but there are a number of lessons here.

1. Creating controversy is the easiest way to get international news coverage
2. If you can manage to make your television spots into internet memes, you are essentially turning television into an interactive medium.
3. Sometimes, it pays to take a ridiculous chance.

Don't worry... I wouldn't leave you hanging. The ad is right here.


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