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While we're on the subject...

Seems that the HP people aren't the only ones at a loss for originality. According to an article from Fast Company, CP+B are reviving Coke's 1971 Hilltop ad for a new generation.

The new spot will be renamed "Chilltop" and the lyrics will be changed thusly:

I'd like to teach the world to chill, take time to stop and smile
I'd like to buy the world a Coke and chill with it a while.

Pardon me while I vomit on my advertising degree.

I don't know when this happened, exactly - when it became the norm to just bring back good ideas and revise them rather than coming up with new good ideas. To me, advertising is an art - but good art can't be this derivative. Even Shakespeare got his plots from other playwrights sometimes... A Comedy of Errors was based on Plautus' The Brothers Menaechmus. But to take such a classic spot and capitalize on it, and call it an original idea - there's just something fundamentally wrong with that.

The story behind the ad >


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