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More on Toronto

I talked about the rebranding of Toronto in my last post, and I want to expand on it to include the launch campaign, which you guessed it - sucks.

Again, I have to enter my personal bias against branding cities. It's just death by focus group with nothing that's going to get anyone excited coming out the other end. Maybe this is because I live in Ottawa, which was once *shudder* Technically Beautiful.

These ads were to announce the new mediocre brand and mediocre logo and to really get people excited about it. Well, you can't blame them for trying.

The copy on this one reads "In the city that welcomes the world / every day's an international film festival."

The sentiment is there, but it really doesn't work.

Another one, with a similar layout, touts "That excited feeling you get when you first see a great menu. Only it's a city."

Slight distinction, but a necessary one, I think. First of all, I've never felt *that* excited by a menu. Second, to compare a city to a menu doesn't say much for that city, I'd say.

Am I splitting hairs? Absolutely, but it boggles my mind that a city as great as Toronto (don't tell them I said that) can't come up with something better than this.

I'm not going to touch on the logo too much, but it only makes me think of a public transit logo of some sort. The website says:

The symbol of the logo was designed by bringing together the two letters of Toronto’s nickname “T.O.” to create a fluid and energetic form.

Which, to me, doesn't come across. It just looks like a tear drop. Toronto is crying. How tragic.

If the branding comittee wanted a great slogan, they should have looked west to a town of 2351 people: Biggar, Saskatchewan - home of Sandra Schmirler.

"New York is Big, but this is Biggar."

I know where I'm taking my vacation next year.


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