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THIS SITE HAS MOVED TO http://www.adsthatsuck.ca


Moving Day

Well, I'm making the plunge. This blog was really just an experiment for me. It went over extremely well, so I'm taking the next big step. I'm moving it onto my own webspace, where I have more control over everything. There's a lot more functionality with an installed application than with Blogger, so it's time to make the move.

So, come on over and visit me at http://www.adsthatsuck.ca. It's not as pretty (yet) but I think you'll like it just fine. It took me two weeks to get everything migrated over to the new server, but I managed to do it.

I won't be updating this blog again, so make sure you update your bookmarks, or RSS feeds, or whatever sort of technology you happen to have going on.

Goodbye, Blogger. We had fun, didn't we?